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Blockchain and Front-end Developers Wanted!

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Публикация: 19.10.2023 / 10:15


Blockchain and Front-end Developers Wanted!

Join our team and help shape the future of blockchain technology. We're seeking talented developers who are passionate about blockchain and eager to make a difference.


Rich experience in Front-end Development such as React, Vue.js, Angular, etc
Strong understanding of blockchain concepts and protocols
Experience with smart contract development (Solidity preferred)
Proficiency in Java, Python, or C++
Familiarity with Ethereum, Hyperledger, or Corda
Knowledge of decentralized application (DApp) development
Understanding of blockchain security and cryptography

Design and implement blockchain solutions
Develop and deploy secure smart contracts
Collaborate with cross-functional teams
Conduct code reviews and optimizations
Stay up-to-date with blockchain advancements
If you're a motivated blockchain developer looking for a new challenge, we want to hear from you. Apply now with your resume and let's build the future together!

If you are interested, contact me



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Good evening. My name is Igor. If you are looking for a developer, please pay attention to me. I am a beginner developer in the field of: front-end, back-end, wordpress and I also want to jump higher. I am also familiar with Java development. I need help in life. We are faced with moving and need funds from time to time. Please pay attention to me. I have long been focused on results. I learned programming on my own. Sometimes those who study on their own know more.
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