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4000 $

Android Developer (Java, C++, chromium)

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Публикация: 02.09.2019 / 16:45


We are looking for an enthusiastic Android Developer to join our remote team based in Europe, with a strong support team based in China.

Job Description:


- C++

- Java

Tech skills:

- 2-3 yrs experience in "chromium for android" development

and/or chromium core development

Chromium tech skills:

- test coverage

- ninja/GN configs

What would be a plus and what we would need help with

- understanding of chromium for android startup lifecycle

- catching memory leaks in native code in chromium for android

- brief understading in network stack

- understanding of UI composer (android)

- decomposing project modules eg using V8 separately

- understanding of chromium for android UI architecture

- building custom WebView

What we can give you:

- Competitive salary package

- Flexible work - This is a remote position, international travel is required

- Output driven culture

- Career building. Be relocated to work in Europe


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I've worked with secure browser based on chromium project like a c++(native) and part like java dev during 2 years.
sk: lotus 253000303
Sincerely, Michael
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