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Growth Engineer for US Startup in Healthcare

Статус Открытый
Публикация: 16.04.2018 / 11:33


MadDevs is an outsource dedicated software development company that primarily serves to technological startups. The project is ongoing, so we need a person for the long-term cooperation.

We are looking for the Growth Engineer for the US startup specializing in the Health Care. The position combines the responsibilities of a developer and a digital marketing manager.

Non-technical requirements:
- Remote work;
- Paid hourly ($15-20 per hour);
- Fluent English;

Technical requirements:
- Experience in digital marketing - tools, campaigns, analytics
- Expertise in email marketing, cold emails, emails verification, spam optimization, drip campaigns, nurture emails to existing users
- Generic landing pages production in big numbers
- SEO engineering experience - keyword search volumes, local search campaigns
- Solid experience in working with databases, tables, lists on a technical level, running queries, lookups, selenium expertise, etc.
- Solid experience in scraping websites, etc
- General growth hacking experience - scraping internet,
- A/B testing in landing pages, dynamic texts, emails
- Analytical / number crunching background job

- Manage the technical issues of Autopilot, add new email drips, etc.
- Periodically update analytics tagging throughout the product (segment, GA tags, etc,)
- Check data is correct in mixpanel, GA, Segment, find errors and troubleshoot
- Extract data from product, autopilot, or any other tool we have for growth purposes.
- Constantly update the database with additional Information about users or some specific new characteristics.
- Manage the Google index rankings of the pages, and improve per SEO decisions
- Own JIRA tickets specific to growth tasks. example: "adding a new section in user profile pages, preparing content for those, and working with our full-stack guys to make it happen for 1000s of pages"
- Collaborate directly with our growing team.


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